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Our SUP-Yoga Equipment

SOLShiva by SOL Paddle Boards

It's our goal to provide our students with the best SUP-Yoga experience possible.  To accomplish this, we provide the best equipment possible.

When we began looking for our SUP-Yoga fleet we had a few very specific items that had to be met.  After reviewing dozens of different manufacturer brands and putting many of those boards through real-life testing, we found our perfect Yoga-Board - the SOLShiva by SOL Paddle Boards.  This yoga specific SUP met all our requirements:

  • Stable enough for beginners, but still adds a little challenge for our more advanced students 

  • The mat is wide, comfortable and provides grip even when wet

  • The rocker line is flat for outstanding yoga-pose stability, but has enough nose-rocker to paddle out with ease and comfort

  • Light weight and easy to carry & store

  • On top of that - these boards are built to last!

We couldn't be any happier and receive constant positive feedback from our student yogis regarding how comfortable they feel on the board.  

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